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Connecting B2B Community - B2B Selling & Buying made easy

Who can benefit from B2B Group Buy


  • Buyers and Sellers

Buyers - group volume buy at the discounted prices

Sellers - large volume sales and higher turnover


  • All size Businesses   

Tradies, Builders, Concretors, all size Construction companies, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Cleaning businesses, Landscaping and Gardening suppliers and buyers

Most industries including Real Estate, Hospitality, Transport and small shop owners.


  • What are the benefits

Buyers - Save your money, time and effort on running around sourcing suppliers.

Searching for cheaper products and materials is not going to make a huge difference in the price by buying in low volume.

Group buying power will enable us to source products and services at the lower and more competitive price from multiple sources, without compromising the quality.

More members we have in the specific category, stronger buying power we have. Use the share button and spread the word.


Sellers - Time spent on Cold Calling is tiring and a waste of valuable time and effort, instead used to complete sales reports and delivery requests.

Say Goodbye to dreaded "Cold Calling" and Unproductive meetings! 

Making 100`s of Cold calls daily, without success is only inducing further frustration and unproductive moods.

You have a product to sell and you can offer your product to the B2B Group Buy members. 


That said, please don't forget

Group Volume Buying will create an immense difference in your sales, but also your buying needs.

You are a part of the buying group as well.

If you need to buy services, you can buy it right here from a business to whom you have just sold your product or service.


The power of B2B Group Buy is here!

Use it. It doesn't cost you a dime to join and respond to selling offers.


How does it work?


Membership and B2B Group buying requests are  Free of charge! 



Set your prices per each volume and include all other perks and proposals you are willing to offer. Your prices will be presented to the members as is -

no markup, as per your original offer.

Unless supplier previously verified,  signed supplier agreement  or  submitted a security deposit, 
To avoid false deal offers and under the sale offer agreement, every sale offer placed, will require a Security deposit of $1000.00. which is forfeited if the seller withdraws from the closed deal.


  • We will - contact and send your offer to the B2B Group Buy members and gather the feedback. 

Once we have received all buying requests we will give you a call and close the deal.


  • Buyers would be required to place Security deposit into our trust account at the time of the order acceptance.

Once the deal is finalised, the remainder of the outstanding amount, buyers will have to deposit into the trust account within 3 days and together with your security deposit, forwarded to your account as soon as the last deposit is confirmed.

In case of the offer cancellation, Sellers forfeit their security deposit which will be distributed to all buyers that placed the Security deposit for the purchase as an Inconvenience fee.


Buyers -

  • We are committed to sourcing the highest quality at the best buying price for our members.  B2B Group Volume buy will play a significant difference in productivity, profitability and efficiency and add value to your business.

We will do all the legwork and negotiations for you so you don't have to. That way you focus on your business and business operations.


Once you have a purchase need, you send us a purchase request with a minimum volume/quantity required. We will combine all the requests and forward it to the multiple suppliers for a quotation as per volume request. 


Submitted sale prices will be distributed to all buyers. Deal Security deposit will be required for all members agreeing to buy. 

We will contact the chosen seller and close the deal.

Once the deal is closed, a purchase order will be issued and delivered to all buyers.

The remainder of the amount owing will be payable by buyers, within 3 days from closing date or as per deal agreement. 


If a buyer decides to withdraw from the order once the deal is closed,  buyers will forfeit the Security deposit which will be payable directly to the seller.

(See ASIC Ruling On Deposit subject to forfeiture Sect 51-53)



Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles offer.

Johnson 400 x 400mm

Sorrento ceramic floor tiles


Group buy Offer:

5400 tiles directly to you from a reputable supplier.


QTY: 5400 tiles

Coverage: 864 m²

QTY Per Carton: 9 Tiles = 1.44m²

Price Offer: $16.90 per carton

Regular price: $32.80 per 1.44m²


Offer valid till 10/01/2019

Order must be fully filled to close the deal at $16.90​


Concrete Steel Mesh

Concrete reinforcing mesh 

6m x 2.4m sheets. SL102 ​


Group buy Offer:

500 sheets

directly to you from a reputable manufacturer.


QTY: 500 sheets

Sheet: 6mm

Price Offer: $99 per sheet GST Incl

Regular price: $140 per sheet


Offer valid till 10/01/2019

Order must be fully filled to close the deal at $99



B2B Group Buy

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