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We are dedicated and committed experts in creating an innovative and effective business growth solutions to interlock and synchronise 4 pillars of business.

We help our Clients unlock their potential, Increase Revenue, Profitability, Efficiency and Effectiveness and revamp their business model.

You are not just a number to us -



We will work with you in finding effective solutions to increase your sales revenue, productivity and return on assets.

We focus on finding effective solutions to reduce your running costs, increase your market share, expand your customer base, extend customer loyalty and retention.


Areas of Expertise:


Superior Customer Service and Public Relations

We help our clients reach Superior Customer Service level and deliver the course of action in building an Organisational Superior Customer Service Culture.

We offer Customer Service consulting, coaching and mentoring, from the front line to the executive level.

Our Experts will deliver new and innovative solutions to increase your Customer base, customer loyalty & retention, maintain a salubrious and productive work environment and minimise negative feedback and reviews.


Are your customers happy with your customer service?

Is your business suffering because of inadequate service delivery and after sale care?

Suffering from bad reviews and complaints?

Are your vision, mission, and goals aligned with customer expectations?

Are your staff members willing to go above and beyond for the people that contribute to their wages?

Do they know how to go above and beyond?

Are your staff putting your business at risk with a bad customer service attitude and behaviour?

Is your current customer service level affecting your bottom line?

When was the last time your staff had proper customer service training, coaching and mentoring training?


We also offer customer and public relations services on reviews and fan page websites to mitigate risks of negative reviews and feedback. 


Our services include:

  • The first response to negative feedback;

  • Investigation;

  • Mitigating the effect of negative reviews and posts;

  • Responding to Customers and their concerns;

  • Resolving Customer complaints and open cases.

Contact us for An Independent and non-bias Customer Service health check - 


Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project?

We can help. Any organisation can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

Foundations of Superior Customer Service is the organisational superior customer service culture. Its the minimum norm for any business.

To take your next step towards the Superior Customer Service, please get in touch with us.

We offer:

  • Guidance and consultations

  • Executive level Coaching & Mentoring

  • Organisational change and restructuring,

  • Customer service evaluation,

  • Secret shopper assessment.


Don't wait till is too late - Simple Customer Service secret shopper evaluation or a Customer Service health check may save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.


Asset Management - Asset and Stock Verification

Have you ever measured your ROA using your current asset management database?
When was the last time you used an Independent body to verify your Stock and assets?
Do you know the condition of your assets?
Are you making or losing money from your assets?
When was the last time you have checked if your stock and assets are where they're supposed to be? 
About to sell or buy a business - did you verify the assets bearing, condition and status?

Planning to merge or acquire another company - do you know exactly what they own? What are the state, condition and true value of their assets?

How often do you replace, buy and repair your assets - Do you know if you actually need "burden assets"?

Replacing, reducing or restocking - How do you sell your old assets and do you get the maximum out of your disposal management?

We help our Clients increase  Return on Assets and improve their Asset management capabilities.

Asset and Stock loss prevention is one of the key ingredients in maintaining a profitable business 


Asset and Stock verification process is gathering the asset details and consolidating all assets into the database. 

We physically inspect every asset and log all asset details including the asset origin, verification ID and functionality state.

We verify and inspect each asset usage and recommend improvements for the Return on Asset profitability.

We help companies merger and acquisitions run smoothly and effectively with a non-bias assessment and verification of all assets.


Get in touch to learn more about how our service can help you.

Our Affiliation Groups

Connecting B2B Community - B2B Selling - Buying - Sourcing

An intelligent and extra productive way of

B2B Selling and Buying process!


Tired of unproductive buy/sell meetings and deal negotiations that fail at the very last stage?
Wasting time, effort and money on unmatched buyer/seller relationships and relationships that last 5 minutes? 

How often do you waste your time on non-verified and unqualified buyers and sellers?

Calling unqualified businesses and hoping to qualify them?


How many of you are happy with the current supplier but want to try other products and services with no obligations?


We have a perfect solution for your business!

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.


At DESET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - we combine our insights and skills to transform your buying and selling processes and strategies, and in turn, we will help you save you money, time and effort, increase your profits and reduce running costs.

We’re proud to help shape and improve our client's productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.



Our B2B Sale solutions are designed with Win-Win-Win factor in focus:

Sell more - Group buy more - Profit more

Sellers -

Increase sales by 25%-30% 

Minimise waste of time and effort by at least 30%

High volume sales turnover 

Reduce time wasting on Cold Calls and deal closing attempts - We will handle your selling, close the deals for you and handle the transaction.


Depending on the volume, you could save up to 30% on the cost of your raw material, products and services which translates into profit.

Buy from multiple sources

You can stay anonymous or public buyer

Utilise the Group buying power to secure cheaper materials, products and services from multiple sources.

Tender your purchases and sourcing

Don't have time to handle your purchases? - No problems! Let us handle your sourcing needs.



Are you tired of cold calling - making and receiving cold calls?

Interested in saving money time and effort?

Ready to boost your profit?

Contact us and Join our B2B Group Buying Power

As a small to medium business owners, we don't have the buying power or need to order large quantities of supplies and negotiate a better deal.
As a group of 50-60 business owners, per industry, we have the power to negotiate a more profitable deal and better service on your behalf and close the deal on your behalf.
Sourcing supplies from all over the Country to find great quality at better prices.
We will save you money, time and effort.
Most suppliers love large orders and most of them are prepared to offer much better deals on high volume deals.
But wait, there is more...
No membership fees, no contracts no worries!

B2B Group Buy

Cold Calling - Sellers have to make them and Business owners are annoyed by them!
This is the opportunity to Say Goodbye to dreaded cold calling.
Say goodbye to unproductive meetings and follow-ups. Save your money, time and effort and say goodbye to rejection, attempts to pass the gatekeepers and say hello to productivity, efficiency and increased profits.
B2B Group Buy is the sellers and buyers solution to increased profitability and efficiency. We will handle the negotiation and deal closing, while you making your Customers happy, with your services.
As part of the Deset Business Solutions Group, we are committed to providing the best service available.
We are utilising marketing and networking from multi-angles and giving you exposure, and brand presence on multiple websites and social networks.
Launching soon: and .net and
G+, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger and more.

B2B Group Buy

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